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We are Being Censored 


  • "84% Say Americans being Afraid to Exercise Freedom of Speech is a Serious Problem"  - New York Times Opinion

  • "Over Half Have Held their Tongue due to Concern over Retaliation, Criticism".               - Siena College Research Institute

Of the 55% of Americans that have not spoken freely, 57% are concerned about retaliation, 65% are concerned about being harshly criticized and 94% held their tongue to avoid conflict. Nearly a quarter of all Americans, 22%, reported restricting their freedom of expression for all three reasons

Art is an appreciation. Our community works with artist to transform their art piece into Digital Assets, like nft   

Our ecosystem is 100% built by the community, and for the community. 

We are the first organization that provide technological solution to censorship problems here in US, and globally.  

We work with hundred of American Schools to make sure food & daily essential are delivered in timely manner.   

Universal NFT